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From traditional Baby Boomers to entitled Millennials, working across age groups can prove to be challenging. Recently Badger NAMA members gathered at Café Centraal in Bay View to discuss some of these challenges and to attempt to understand why each generation operates the way it does.

Through a personality exercise, attendees learned the perspectives among the different age groups. While Baby Boomers were non-confrontational and collaborative, those in Generation X were more selfless and reserved, and folks in Generation Y (also called Millenials) tended to be more competitive and outspoken.

These traits became more evident when the three different generational groups were asked to plan the same project: a soccer team fundraiser with a $3,000 goal. A boots-on-the-ground, personal invitation approach to fundraising seemed to be the best option for Baby Boomers; involving the young players in a pizza sale fundraiser appealed to Generation X attendees; and a 5K fundraiser supported through social media was the route…

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Millennials (born 1982-2003) have a problem when it comes to their path to promotions and career advancement. Unless more members of the Baby Boom generation (born 1946-1964) start stepping down soon, younger generations will find themselves blocked in their careers by people who haven’t shown any inclination to leave, especially after the Great Recession devastated many Boomers’ retirement portfolios.

It’s time for Millennials to have that tough talk about retirement with Boomers. But using logic or making appeals to intergenerational fairness aren’t likely to be successful strategies. And suggesting that it’s time for Boomers to shuffle off the stage might seem selfish or cold-hearted to most members of the remarkably well-mannered Millennial generation. Nor is any suggestion that Boomers retire likely to meet with a positive response from that generation of workaholics. Instead, the talk needs to be couched in the language of Boomers and attuned to their fundamental values.

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In this week’s edition of Booming Forward, Dave Nemeth takes us to a technology fair that was held in Millcreek Thursday. Students from several area high schools came together to help teach their elders about technology, see the video above for details.

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Dr. Alan Hatton-Yeo : Keynote lecture: Intergeneratuonal Practice and Programmes: Why these are fundamental to the Society we live in now

last legs community arts

We were really exited to be asked to work with this group of amazing young people while they built go karts with Phill and Graham  at    4Techmoto

With Phill and Grahams skill at Blackpool t4Techmoto two teams built 2 go-karts for racing after two days build and a final day ‘fettling’ and painting up the

Boz worked with the two teams while they built the machines ready for racing on day three. while Mr Dee helped design and paint the custom graffiti on the finished karts.


Phill working on Team Smiles classic go kart design





Quick check to make sure everything is working

before taking off the wheels ready for graffiti custom job


Team Smile with Mr Dee



Practising the painting



Team Oblivion with Graham






A few test runs before the races later in the day





Loading the karts in to the trailer


Arriving at the Palatine race track

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A quick post another day

September 16, 2014



I read a case story today on elder abuse and they inferred that seniors are more at risk from community members than anyone else. This is a quick post to explain the reality of who hurts our seniors.

Check on those that are aged and in need. Remember, hopefully we will all be there someday.

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Our Generation

September 16, 2014

Lewis Watkins

I found this video that is made by a person called Julian Smith, this video is meant to be funny, but I find it has real meaning to it as well as humor. This video reminds me of what or generation is like. Will we eventually become this way?

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