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A growing wave of baby boomer seniors who are old enough to retire are instead realizing they have to go back to work.

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Photo Credit: Bruce Moon via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: Bruce Moon via Compfight cc

Check out this interesting article, To Save the Economy, Teach Grandma to Code, posted at the PBS News Hour website. Appearing on the Making Sen$e section of the site, the article by Vivek Wadhwa, points out that most businesses in the United States are aging and that one of the biggest and underused resources these businesses have is older workers. How, he wonders, can we use older workers more effectively and help them learn new skills? Perhaps, he suggests, we should consider teaching older workers and aging adults to code (to use a programming language).

Wadhwa, an entrepreneur and academic at schools including Stanford, Duke, and Emory, writes that to be successful, people who start new businesses need to be able to see the big picture, understand the changing world, and demonstrate how to solve bigger problems. Older individuals already possess the vision…

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On the 22 July 2014, the Campaign to End Loneliness hosted a workshop to discuss the tricky question of how technology and telecare can be best used to keep us connected in later life, and help us to avoid loneliness or isolation.

They heard about the latest research and product design in this field, and discussed how technology is already being used by charities and housing associations.  The contains of  what was learnt and discussed on the day are available online, including :

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Since the Big Lottery-funded Silver Line opened nearly a year ago, it’s proved a lifeline for thousands of older people who are lonely or distressed. Robert Blow spoke to Silver Line call advisers Alan Walsh and Alyson Lazell on why it’s great to talk

“When I get off the phone I feel like I belong to the human race.” The comment is typical of the thousands of people who’ve called The Silver Line since it opened on 25 November 2013.


Alyson Lazell

“On the first day we received 2,000 calls. People were melting the phones trying to get through.” Alan Walsh and Alison Lazell are two of the helpline’s dedicated staff who have been there right from the start. “It was as if there was this tremendous need out there, and people just couldn’t get wait to get on the phone to us.”

The statistics about older people and loneliness…

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Forever Young, Not

September 2, 2014

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IMG_0520.GIF image: Boomerslife.org

There are some advantages to getting older. Albeit, not many, but maybe we can capitalize on those that do come our way.

For instance, when Eliot and I went through security at the airport in Cartagena, Columbia yesterday, the officers let us pass right through even though they were questioning everyone else about what they were doing in the country. As we walked to our gate, I remarked to Eliot that apparently the security officers thought we were too old to be terrorists. I find that kind of insulting.

Eliot and I play the old age card as much as we can. We don’t have to try too hard because most of the young folks take one look, and start treating us like we are their grandparents. If we take a subway, at least a half a dozen people immediately offer us their seats. That includes pregnant women…

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Older people, older peoples

September 1, 2014

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You were a coal miner, you were a healthcare worker, you were a police officer, you were an dreamer, you were an insects collector, etc. then you turned 65*. There onwards, you were old. Just old. Because it depicts amazingly well this odd and sad transition, I illustrate this post with one of the pictures of a series by Tom Hussey called Reflections. I invite you to have a look at his amazing series, after reading this post, as it will shed a particular light on these photos.


It may seem oddly obvious, but becoming older does not erase the past of an inidividual. It does not reduce you to one single socio-economic category. Depending on your health, becoming older adds one category to the individual possibly increase his/her complexity. We understand this when we are around our own grand parents or ageing parents because we know their past, but it…

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DorothyIn this blog post, Jane Vass, Head of Public Policy at Age UK, discusses the secret to a sustainable retirement income.

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