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Can digital literacy delay cognitive decline?

Researchers think it might. In a recently published study in The Journals of Gerontology, Series A: Biological Sciences and Medical Sciences they found that digital literacy — the ability to engage, plan, and execute digital actions such as web browsing and exchanging e-mails — is an independent protective factor against cognitive decline.

Using data from the English Longitudinal Study of Ageing, they followed 6,442 participants in the UK between the ages of 50 and 89 for eight years. The data measured delayed recall from a 10-word-list learning task across five separate measurement points. Socioeconomic status, including wealth and education, comorbidities, and baseline cognitive function were included in the models.

senior-computerHigher wealth, education and digital literacy improved delayed recall, while people with functional impairment, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, depressive symptoms or no digital literacy showed decline.

Those who reported being nonusers of Internet/E-mail and intermittent…

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Logo of Global Times

Logo of Global Times (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

China’s influential newspaper, Global Times takes a look at market opportunities provided by China’s senior citizens. It’s an interesting read. Check it out!

via Senior solutions – Global Times.

As I read, the article my mind switched to the UK where there is increasing fear and uncertainty for older people following the reforms of David Cameron’s government. Care for the elderly is increasingly being squeezed by budgets savaged by austerity. Many middle aged people are now in fear of their retirement given the UK government‘s changes to pensions.

Any thoughts?

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A rural busIn this guest blog post, Claire Haigh, Chief Executive of Greener Journeys, argues that the provision of accessible affordable public transport must be a priority.

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Old woman, young spirit

August 6, 2014

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Mixed media on canvas.

old woman, young spirit -

Old woman, young spirit – Katherine Scrivens

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Doing tai chi and chi gong with Grandma & Grandpa teaching. Check out Mike doing the fan dance with his mom!!! Michael wanted nothing to do with the fans. And we may have humiliated ourselves in front of their elderly friends, but it was fun exercising. Grandpa and grandma have been teaching the senior community 6 days a week for 15 years. This is the softer side of martial arts. :)

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No negative

August 1, 2014

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An older woman drinking from a teacupYesterday, I went to NO NEGATIVE, an exhibition of winning photographs that are challenging and stimulating debate around perceptions of ageing. The photos were all entries in a photo competition launched by the Age Action Alliance last September, to mark the second anniversary of the Alliance.

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oldEconomist, policy expert and consumer champion Dr Ros Altmann CBE has been appointed by the Westminster government as its new Business Champion for Older Workers.

The appointment, announced today by DWP Minister Steve Webb, marks the latest step in the government’s drive to support over-50s in the UK labour market.

Dr Altmann – a former director-general of Saga and independent expert on later life issues – will be tasked with making the case for older workers within the business community and challenging outdated perceptions.

The move follows the government’s publication last month of Fuller Working Lives – A Framework For Action, which set out the benefits to individuals, business and the economy as a whole of people aged over 50 staying in work.

Dr Ros Altmann (pictured below) said: “I am so pleased that the government has shown it recognises the importance of encouraging people to stay in…

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